Signal Your Love Desktop App (2023)

The desktop app allows to display statistics of your Signal Desktop chats. The app is ideal for long-distance couples, friends, and anyone who wants to cherish their chat history with essential people. Website, ProductHunt

Flarelytics - web analytics tool build with Cloudflare Workers and TypeScript (2022)

The tool allows to track the time visitors spend on the page even if only single page is visited. No cookies. The article, Github

Deku - C++ library for microservices (2020)

The final project for the C++ language course at the university. I have learned hands-on how to work with external libraries in C++. Github

BubaOS - Operating system from scratch (2019)

The OS is written in Assembly and C for x86 architecture as a final project for the C language course in my first year at university. I have learned the basics of building an operating system and grew interested in low-level programming. Github

Dratewka The Shoemaker (2018)

A web browser game based on the legend of Cracow. Play here, Github